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Kamil Idris: The Growing Problem of Piracy

Piracy is one of the most serious threats faced by intellectual property creators. Those who are in the movie, music, television, and software engineering industries are the most vulnerable against the internet pirates. Most countries around the world have strict laws against internet piracy, but they lack the determination and passion for implementing it. The United States is one of those countries which are implementing strict laws against internet pirates, apprehending both the uploader and the downloader of stolen intellectual properties. Kamil Idris, one of the advocates of intellectual property protection, states that the governments of the world should work together to put an end in the growing industry of internet piracy.

Kamil Idris has been saying that intellectual properties are important in the development of a state, and if it is constantly being stolen, it would have a negative impact for the creators and the countries they live in. For small software program creators, stealing their intellectual properties through piracy would render their hard work as nonsense because the pirates would never allow him to earn a single buck for the thing that he dedicated his time and energy on. Kamil Idris stated that these people should be protected from the pirates and they should be compensated for the things that they have created or developed.


Kamil Idris has also warned about the economic result of internet piracy. Because of the prevalence of internet pirates today, most people are turning onto the internet to download movies, songs, and TV shows. They wanted to look for a free download link and take these intellectual properties for themselves without paying those who have worked hard to produce it. Kamil Idris believes that education is one of the most important weapons that the intellectual property creators could use. They should start by informing the public about the disadvantages of downloading a pirated content and encourage the people to support them by buying their intellectual properties through legitimate means.

Kamil Idris is still hoping that the world would come up with a solution regarding piracy, and he also wishes for the majority of the population to stop patronizing pirated products.


Ted Bauman Provides Insight Into Next Stock Market Crash

Since early 2013 Ted Bauman has been an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes about investing with an eye towards low-risk strategies and protecting assets. Earlier in his career, he spent several years in South Africa where he was an executive for a number of nonprofits. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, earning degrees in economics and history, and has a degree in business administration he earned at the State University of New York. He also attended Georgia State University, graduating in 2001 with an MBA in finance.

In one of his recent articles, Ted Bauman wrote about three possible outcomes from the next crash in the US stock market. He says that he sees the stock market in the United States as quite overvalued. He says that the S&P currently has a CAPE ratio of 32 which nearly matches its record level. The only time the CAPE has been higher is just before the dot-com recession of 2000. Ted Bauman says that the normal ratio is about 17 which means that if the US stock market reverts to mean the value of it will drop by about 35%. This is the first way he sees the recession as playing out.

The second way is if in the bond market short-term yields start to exceed longer-term yields which is a sure-fire sign that the US stock market will soon enter a bear market. Ted Bauman says he can also see a crash in the markets, a partial recovery, and then another collapse. He says in this scenario investors should wait it out rather than making decisions in panic-mode.

Ted Bauman is going to be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Total Wealth Symposium 2018. He plans to touch on a number of topics such as how to protect assets, invest conservatively, and maintain privacy from the eyes of the government and large corporations. He has promoted this appearance on his social media accounts such as on his Facebook page and on Twitter.

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Why Sebastian Copeland Uses Herbalife24

Sebastian Copeland is an extreme athlete who has done such feats as leading Polar Region expeditions. He is also a photographer and filmmaker who had documented his trips, such as the time he spent six weeks in the Antarctic Peninsula on a research vessel. He is sponsored by Herbalife and has said that using Herbalife24 has fueled him with the energy he needs for what he does in life. Sebastian Copeland was introduced to Herbalife24 when he was gearing up to go 2300 kilometers across Greenland using just skis and kites.

He says that it is actually the start of a long expedition that is the toughest. Every step is painful until you get into the flow and get used to just putting one foot in front of the other to complete your journey. Along with Keith Heger, one of his longest expeditions of this sort was 700 kilometers in length when they recreated Admiral Peary’s expedition of 1909, something that he documented in the film “Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul”.

Herbalife was founded in 1980. It is based in Los Angeles and sells nutritional supplements, like Herbalife24, through a multi-level marketing operation. As of 2017, they had about 8,000 employees and sales of $4.4 billion. They had been taken public 1986 by Herbalife’s founder, Mark Hughes. However, it became a private company again in 2002 when all of their shares were bought by Golden Gate Capital and J.H. Whitney & Company.

Herbalife mainly sells both protein shakes, like Herbalife24, and weight-loss drinks. Other types of products they sell are vitamins, teas, protein bars, energy drinks, sports drinks, as well as personal care products. Their best-selling product remains the one that Herbalife started out with, the Formula 1 protein shake. This soy-based shake’s sales make up about 30% of the company’s total sales volume. In order to appeal to a broad range of customers some of their products are kosher, allergy free, halal, and/or vegetarian.

Mountain Biking Made Easier By Biking Expert Michael Hagele

It is a fact that mountain biking is slowly becoming one of the most popular sports across the globe especially in Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, and French Alps among others. That means there is a need to know more about this upcoming sport.

Whether you are doing it for fun or for competition, you need to get ready because, mountain biking is more than a work out that’s why Michael Hagele, an avid mountain biker gives you some pieces of advice on this topic.

Who is Michael Hagele? Well, besides being in love with mountain or road biking, he is an external general counsel for various technology companies in the internet, defense, biotechnology, and aerospace industries. He uses mountain biking as a refreshing activity.

He is also the founder and an investor in various hospitality firms in hospitality industries. He got a vast experience in initiating, negotiating, and closing agreements in various telecommunications companies. He is also an expert in commercial agreements in promotional, marketing, and intellectual property rights.

Chicago and Atlanta are great spots for mountain biking with very great training tracks which will make you become a perfect rider. There is a need to familiarize yourself with various biking adventures like riding under the hot sun, slippery roads characterized by branches, roots, pine needles, rocks etc.

According to Michael Hagele, you should start with a sturdier, wide tired, thickened frame and generally great equipment. It should also have a dual suspension system, hydraulic seat post dropper, and disc braking. This is a very bumpy workout hence have a great bike. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

When it comes to personal attires, equip yourself with a well-fitting helmet, sturdy flat shoes, lightweight clothing, you can also have gloves, a map, spare tire, tire pump, chain lubricant, patches, hydrating fluid, and energy bar especially for long adventures.

In preparation to the riding, ensure you go for gym or intensive cross-training to stretch your muscles. Take enough nutritious calories before you embark on the ride. Be ready for the sun, storm, heat, and humidity to know what to wear, distant to travel or the track to go in.

Michael Hagele has also served in a variety of internet companies where he dealt with legal affairs like corporate governance, merger and acquisitions, and intellectual rights among others. He has worked at Silicon Valley in the Online Commerce Group. He studied at University of California and University of Lowa for J.D and B.A respectively.

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OSI Food Solutions Increase Meat Production For Business Growth

With an increase in demand by Spain and Portugal, OSI Food Solutions has bought a meat facility in Spain. Before the Purchase of the facility in Spain, OSI Food Solutions was producing an average of twelve thousand to twenty-four thousand tons of meat per year, which didn’t cover the increase in demand made by clients in Portugal and Spain. After the purchase of the facility in Spain, OSI Food Solutions will have an annual production of forty-five tons of meat annually.

Furthermore, Tyson announced that they were going to close down a facility in Chicago, which would lay off more than four hundred and twenty workers due to a lack of efficiency. Due to this news, OSI Food Solutions saw this as a method of improving their chicken production in the United States, due to an increase in demand for chicken by rising retail food stores. The Tyson family was bought for seven million dollars. Not only will this benefit OSI Food Solutions for chicken production, but also future clients who continue to demand mega from OSI, leading to business growth and demand for more meat distribution. This has been seen as OSI has recorded an increase of six to eight percent demand rate in over three years. In addition, unlike previous facilities by OSI, Tyson has surveillance technology equipped, and a ready to go quick-fire response system, which reduces hazardous conditions in the workplace for employees within the 20,000-acre facility.

OSI Food Solution was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowski in 1909. Before becoming a privately owned worldwide distributor, OSI was a meat market that supplied fast-food chain McDonald’s. Now for decades has been a lead distributor, and developer of foods for food stores, and food chains. Due to the Success of OSI, and the increasing number of the happy client, OSI currently operate over sixty-five facilities worldwide. Currently, OSI manages over twenty thousand employees at these facilities.

Penelope Kokkinides dedication to Puerto Rico’s Health wellness

Boasting over two decades of healthcare experience specializing in Medicare and Medicaid government programs, and the managed care industry, Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in managing healthcare process and developing clinical programs have seen her work with the top caregivers.

Before rejoining InnovaCare in 2015, Penelope was the Executive Vice President for Centerlight healthcare, the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone health and AmeriChoice Corporate Vice Chair President for Care Management and Disease management. In all her positions she was either in charge of developing health model or providing direction for managed care division.

All the creativity and knowledge base of Kokkinides is owned to her efforts in obtaining a bachelors degree from Binghamton University in biological sciences and classical languages, a masters degree from New York University in social work. While in Columbia University School of Public Health she obtained masters in public health and a post-masters advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Penelope work at InnovaCare

Working for InnovaCare- a leading provider of quality managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico has placed Kokkinides as one of the most depended on health caregivers. This is in line with the recent natural disaster hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico. As expected, the damage left behind needed immediate attention starting with the health services.

As the leading caregiver institution, InnovaCare has had to face the crisis head on! Kokkinides together with other executives from the company are dedicated to helping Puerto Ricans recover. They have set up Medicare Mucho program that provides food, counsel and care to residents requiring assistance. Additionally, the company offers specific health care needs including disease prevention and drug management. InnovaCare also offers referrals to specialized health care services.

To further the overall need for improvement in health care in Puerto Rico, Penelope was invited to the women in health care panel at the white house. In this recent meeting with president Trump, Kokkinides showed that she is keen to see better health services in Puerto Rico when she proposed increment on funds for the InnovaCare Medical Advantage program and also had roundtable discussions with Seema Verma CMS Administrator about creating new legislation that will improve health care policies and procedures.

InnovaCare provides quality health care by building models that are affordable, sustainable and that incorporate the most advanced technology and Kokkinides is at the front of it.

A Unique Bank in Dallas

The Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a forum for financial industry leaders to share their perspectives on bank leadership, and to explore strategic opportunities and challenges that exist in community banking. The Conference this year hosted a discussion by the Banker Panel.

John Holt, President and CEO of Dallas-based NexBank Capital, Inc., participated in the Banker Panel, contributing his insights on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” The panel discussion took place on Monday, November 7, 2016 and provided the context for Mr. Holt to share his banking expertise and to highlight some of the unique opportunities offered by community banks like NexBank.

NexBank is a regional bank with assets totaling nearly $8.4 billion in the first quarter of 2018. Its business lines include commercial banking, mortgage banking, investment banking and corporate advisory services. In 2016, NexBank was rated among the S&P Best-Performing U.S. Community Banks. NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas and the 10th largest bank in the State of Texas.

NexBank was established in Terrell, Texas on November 30, 1934, under the name Terrell Federal Savings and Loan Association. On October 1, 1991, the institution became a mutual savings bank and changed its name to Heritage Savings Bank, SSB. On February 22, 2002, Heritage Savings Bank became a stock savings bank and one month later changed its name to Heritage Bank, SSB. In August 2004, the bank moved its headquarters from Terrell, Texas to Dallas, Texas and one year later changed its name to NexBank, SSB. The NexBank of today is an FDIC-insured financial institution, and is headquartered at 2515 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Texas. As of the first quarter of 2018, NexBank had a workforce of 87 employees and assets totaling $8.37 billion.

Jeunesse Global Successful Direct Selling Story

Jeunesse Global is a successful direct selling company that was founded in 2009. The company carries expanding lines of skincare products and supplements. Many of their products are designed to work together, but all have a common goal, which is to promote youthfulness. The skincare products work from the outside while the supplements work from the inside. This approach to slowing aging has proven popular, as the company has grown substantially over the past 9 years. Annual sales now exceed the billion dollar mark, and the company has devoted sellers and customers across the globe.

A major component of many Jeunesse Global products are antioxidants. Antioxidants have been lauded by the health and beauty industries for years for having protective and anti-aging effects. When ample presence of antioxidants are available, the body’s ability to repair itself increases. This is a result of antioxidants’ effect on free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules. When the body’s biological systems cannot effectively detox as a result of free radical overload, cellular oxidation occurs, which produces the signs and symptoms of aging.

Reserve is one of Jeunesse’s antioxidant powerhouses designed to support the body’s fight against free radicals. It comes in a small gel-pack and is recommended for daily consumption. Fruits, especially those with deep hues, are rich in antioxidants, which is why Reserve contains blueberry, acai berry, dark sweet cherry, concord grape, and pomegranate. These fruits also provide the flavor of the gel. No sugars or flavorings are added.

In addition to the fruits, Reserve contains resveratrol, green tea extract, aloe vera, and grapeseed extract. These ingredients bring more antioxidants to the mix, along with protective properties to prevent cellular damage and promote health throughout the body. Aloe vera is associated with many health benefits, from aiding digestion to healing and soothing skin. Resveratrol supports immune and eye health. The combination of all of these components into one product resulted in CAP-e test results that demonstrated a significant protective effect.

Waiakea Water Delivers Clean And Healthy Water As Promised

More and more people are turning to bottled water in lieu of tap water to satisfy their water drinking needs. The reasons for this are many and they include taste, access, and quality. However, it is important to understand a few things about the choices in bottled water before making a decision.

The first thing to know is that not all bottled water is necessarily a better alternative than tap water. In fact, more than a few consumers have been surprised to learn that the water they purchased in a bottle is tap water that has been bottled from municipal water sources.

Waiakea Water is a company that stands firmly behind the quality of its bottled water. Customers that choose water from Waiakea can rest assured that they are receiving exactly what is being advertised.

One main feature of drinking water bottled by Waiakea is the water’s alkalinity. Substances much have a score of 7 or more on the ph scale to be considered alkaline and this is an important factor in maintaining health. Many consumers mistakenly assume that all bottled water is alkaline. This is not true. However, water by Waiakea scores and 8.2 on the ph scale.

Waiakea Water is Hawaiian volcanic water that is filtered through 14,000 feet of rock at the Mauna Loa volcano. The natural water is one of the first to be bottled from the area where rain falls 360 days a year.

Waiakea makes good use of the earth’s natural resources by filtering water through the Mauna Loa volcano and the volcanic water benefits to the health of those who drink water from Waiakea is substantial.

About Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water was founded by Ryan Emmons in  2012 who also acts as the company’s CEO. Emmons grew up close to nature and lived as a child in both California and Hawaii.

Emmons’ got the inspiration for starting Waiakea Water one day while sitting at the base of a volcano that was located not far from his uncle’s home in Hawaii. There was a water source at the base of the volcano and when Emmons took a taste he felt that it was the best water he had drank in his life. His plan to go into business selling bottled water was based on the belief that the world would agree with him.

The History Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, The Brazilian Banker Who Spent His Entire Career Working For Bradesco Bank

In the current times, it is difficult for an individual to serve in one organization their entire career. However, the case is different for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who has spent the last forty-seven years working for Bradesco bank in Brazil. It is human nature to seek greener pastures when opportunities arise. But for Luiz, he decided to stick with his employer through thick and thin. But it seems to have paid off since he was promoted to the top-most post in the institution.

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi?
Luiz isn’t your typical banking professional. He is a revered banking expert and leader in the banking industry. He has spent the last five decades sharpening his skills at one of the largest banks in Latin America. In fact, he joined the second largest lender while he was only seventeen years in 1969.

With his current massive success, many people would assume that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi scored straight (As) in the banking course. The surprising thing is that he did not even have any background training in banking when he applied for an internship at Bradesco bank.


Luiz attended a college in Brazil where he earned a certificate from the Faculty of Sociology and Politics. While working for the bank, he earned a scholarship to study psychology, philosophy, and letters from Fundacao University. Luiz never thought he would seek a job in the mainstream career. He was passionate about football and thought that he would get a chance to play for the big teams in the world of football. However, his father, who was a banker, convinced him to consider a career in banking. As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi narrates, after joining the industry in 1969, the rest is history.

He put a lot of effort into his work that earned him one promotion after the other. He started as a Director in the marketing department, then Managing Director of the bank, executive vice president, the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, President of the bank and now he is serving as the chairman. He assumed the current role after the former chairman resigned late last year, paving way for young leaders to take over the banks leadership.

When he was tapped to become the chairman, Luiz needed to step down from his role as the president since the Brazilian banking rules don’t allow an individual to serve in the two offices at the same time. During the race to succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, seven highly qualified vice presidents presented their application to succession committee for consideration. All the eyes were on the recruitment to see whom they would consider to take over as the president of the second largest lender in Latin America.

Many people, including analysts, believed that Mauricio de Minas had an upper hand in succeeding Luiz. However, to their surprise, Octavio de Lazari was considered for the position of the president of the bank. When commenting about Octavio’s appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco noted that it was done in accordance with the company’s succession regulation. He continued to note that Octavio was the most qualified to take over from him owing to his immense experience in the banking industry.

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