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Daniel Taub’s take on Palestinian children’s education abuse allegations

Daniel Taub, former Israeli Ambassador to the UK recently contributed to the issue of Palestinian educational curriculum. He was reacting to the question raised by Prime Minister Netanyahu when he addressed the UN Assembly.

The Premier had noted the exposure of a Palestinian boy called Ali’s repeated instance of glorification violence and terrorism who represented many Palestinian children exposed to hate. Daniel Taub stated that praising terror and violence are not the only ways such educational abuse can occur.

He added that even teaching of political myths as historical facts is a violation of fundamental educational responsibility. Taub who is a veteran Israel diplomat and negotiator headed the Israeli side of the Culture of Peace negotiations in the Annapolis peace process with the Palestinian.

He was also a member of the Anti-incitement Committee under Wyre River Memorandum, and that is the reason he has followed the Palestinian textbooks and educational curricula for many years. Daniel Taub commitment to the peace resolution in the Middle East region has been second to none. He has played a critical role in ensuring there is stability in the region.

Daniel Taub added that it’s a betrayal of children’s education through rewriting historical facts. Taub said that this issue of the willingness of Palestinian educators to sacrifice their children’s education for a political agenda is a tragic recurrent theme. Taub a rated that the previous Palestinian teachings are different from the new political narrative.

An example is where Palestinian textbooks were rewritten to rename the Tomb of Rachel the Mosque of a Muslim prophet. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub added that the act was a direct contradiction to the Guide to the Temple Mount as published in 1920’s by the Supreme Council. Daniel noted that the most realistic test of society’s intentions is what the children are taught and the current curriculum raises the cause of concern.

To add more weight on the matter, Taub said that when he served as the head of the Israeli side at the period of Orwellian rewriting of history, his negotiation team was charged with examining the roles of schoolbooks and education systems. They chose to emphasize on deliberate distortions of history for political ends.

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli Ambassador to the UK and has held many diplomatic, political and legal positions in Israeli’s Foreign Ministry. He represented Israel in many multilateral fora and served as a judicial to Israel’s Missions to the UN in Geneva and New York.

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