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Trabuco: The Destructive Weapon Of The Medieval Period

Trabuco has an excellent history that crushed kingdoms across continents in the Middle Ages. As a siege weapon, it was used to break masonry walls as well as firing heavy projectiles on them. It is found that the weapon was invented in China in 400 BC, and that came to Europe in 600 AD. It was heavily used by both the sides of Christian and Muslim nations that were around Mediterranean those days. Interestingly, the arm could launch projectiles that weigh 140 kilos and produce a range of 800 meters with impressive accuracy.

It was largely used by Europeans during the Crusades, and compared to other types of siege weapons, Trabuco did not have any complicated mechanism. It was one of the reasons the weapon became very popular and could carry to war field using wheels, though fixed Trabuco was also used in many areas. It needed low maintenance, and the manufacturing was quite simple and easy. Interestingly, the weapon efficiently used the gravitational potential energy to launch the projectiles with high speed to target the enemies and their walls according to The principle of counterweight mechanism works here and applies to the projectiles when they are launched.


It means that as much as the counterweight goes up, it could carry heavier projectiles or the projectiles into greater distance. Compared to other weapons, Trabuco could produce more shots in a quick span of time. Highly trained people could produce four shots per minute, which was also helped to increase its popularity. Most heavy Trabucos needed 15 to 45 people to operate them. When the weapon reached the Arab World, they modified it and made a hybrid Trabuco by adding additional weight to the short end.

Those hybrid versions were able to launch the projectiles that are even heavier. A hybrid Trabuco found in Damietta, an Egyptian city, in the early thirteenth-century was able to project 400-pound stones on In the thirteenth century, the Europeans made it more hybrid, and those weapons could carry stones that weigh more than one ton. The invention of gunpowder shortened the popularity of Trabuco, and the countries started abandoning it in the later years.

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  1. Tough people in those times write about the wars and they were really sure that one invention would end all wars. Maybe we are close but will continue to explore the options that we have to see if any destruction can come on the world. I see that peoples all over the world have thought about this beautiful place and how it might all end up with a great war.

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