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Dick DeVos impact in the education sector

The DeVos is a popular family in the United States. The family of Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have been engaged in philanthropic work for a long time. The family has a family foundation that was established with the intention of supporting various initiatives that of concern to the family. The foundation is called Dick and Betsy Foundation. It is one of the least in the country. It isolated among the top 25 largest foundations in the United States. With a contribution $139 million to charity work, the organization is one of the best in the country. Dick DeVos who is an extremely wealth personality in the united states is committed to making changes the community in Michigan by making sure that he supports initiatives that matter to the people there.



The DeVos has been an advocate for educational reforms for a long time. The initiatives which have been supported by Dick and Betsy DeVos is a very noble idea. Educational reforms that the couple has been highlighting has been one that needs children from poor families to be given equal access to same quality education just like anyone else from a well-off family.



The education reforms that the family has been pushing are supposed to make access to good education a guarantee for everyone. The family has the family foundation been giving out a huge number of scholarships to children from poor backgrounds. Sponsored students are taken to schools where the quality of education is good.



The couple has not stopped there, in their bid to have the educational reforms in the country. In Michigan, the couple is sponsoring the creation of an aviation college in the area. This aviation college has been provided with a plane that will be used in learning practices. Dick and Betsy have been able to bring prominent personalities in the country in fundraisers if this school. Personalities such as George Bush have attended.



Dick DeVos has another side of him. He is an accomplished entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur. He has many business organizations that he has established. Dick who was born in 1955 has managed to generate a lot of wealth from the business organization that his family earns. He has been in the business for a long time. He started his job at Amway. This is a corporation that he served as the Vice President in charge of operations. He served for four years before he quit to start his private businesses.



The dedication of the DeVos towards philanthropic work shall always remain remarkable to the people of the United States.


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