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Kamil Idris: The Growing Problem of Piracy

Piracy is one of the most serious threats faced by intellectual property creators. Those who are in the movie, music, television, and software engineering industries are the most vulnerable against the internet pirates. Most countries around the world have strict laws against internet piracy, but they lack the determination and passion for implementing it. The United States is one of those countries which are implementing strict laws against internet pirates, apprehending both the uploader and the downloader of stolen intellectual properties. Kamil Idris, one of the advocates of intellectual property protection, states that the governments of the world should work together to put an end in the growing industry of internet piracy.

Kamil Idris has been saying that intellectual properties are important in the development of a state, and if it is constantly being stolen, it would have a negative impact for the creators and the countries they live in. For small software program creators, stealing their intellectual properties through piracy would render their hard work as nonsense because the pirates would never allow him to earn a single buck for the thing that he dedicated his time and energy on. Kamil Idris stated that these people should be protected from the pirates and they should be compensated for the things that they have created or developed.


Kamil Idris has also warned about the economic result of internet piracy. Because of the prevalence of internet pirates today, most people are turning onto the internet to download movies, songs, and TV shows. They wanted to look for a free download link and take these intellectual properties for themselves without paying those who have worked hard to produce it. Kamil Idris believes that education is one of the most important weapons that the intellectual property creators could use. They should start by informing the public about the disadvantages of downloading a pirated content and encourage the people to support them by buying their intellectual properties through legitimate means.

Kamil Idris is still hoping that the world would come up with a solution regarding piracy, and he also wishes for the majority of the population to stop patronizing pirated products.


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