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OSI Food Solutions Spearheads Efforts to Increase Global Food Supply

It is scary but true. The world population has increased to 400% in just the last hundred years. Feeding that many people may pose serious challenges for today and the future. Without prompt and careful action now, millions may face starvation and famine.

This exponential population growth has world leaders, food suppliers and farmers struggling to develop better ways to increase agricultural production. OSI Food Solutions, one of America’s top 100 food companies, is leading the charge with efforts to increase poultry production.

 Consolidation for Increased Productivity

OSI Food Solutions increased production efficiency and development efforts in Spain and other facilities across the globe led to double production totals. This happened due to a combination of dedicated investment in plant facilities, investing in new facilities and putting systems in place to increase efficiency.

Expanded facilities, due to the purchase of the Dutch food company Baho Foods and the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, opened up new opportunities for increased productivity.

 Efficiency and Sustainability

More than a fad buzzword, sustainability an integral component of OSI and their drive to battle future famines. Creating sustainable, highly efficient methods to produce and distribute food is vital for solving the problem. OSI Food Solutions continually strives to improve both sustainability and efficiency with improved technology and eco-sensitive operations throughout the company.

This commitment to producing healthy foods in a sustainable and safe manner is supported by serious research and development. Arguably the industry leader for innovation and sustainability, OSI Food Solutions spurs innovation to meet tomorrow’s challenges. The company supports a robust program of studies to meet future food supply challenges at three Culinary Innovation Centers devoted to research and development.

Meeting the future head-on will take the efforts of many companies and individuals. There is no new land to farm or ranch on. The key to success is making the facilities already employed more efficient in the most responsible manner possible. The challenge is great, and OSI Food Solutions stands ready to meet it.

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