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The State Of Healthcare Technology

Two companies are looking to make a major splash in the health care industry. A report recently claimed that CVS is looking into purchasing Aetna, which is a health care company. A second report stated that Amazon went through the process of obtaining medical licenses across multiple states. It was later revealed that these licenses were focused on equipment distribution, not prescription medications.

Today, the health care industry is worth $3 trillion. An estimated $9,237 per person is spent on healthcare by the United States. That’s about three times more than most of the other first-world countries. Despite shelling out more money, countries that spend less still match or outperform life expectancy in the United States.

There are organizations that look for ways to bring more efficiency to healthcare in the United States. Evergreen Healthcare Partners specializes in information technologies and services. The organization puts emphasis on the way they treat individuals. They hope to aid team members in their growth as they look to partner with other organizations.

One of the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners is Drew Madden. He is a healthcare IT entrepreneur. Madden has experience working with partners. Back in 2010, Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners. The following year, he became the organization’s president. He held the position until 2016.

During his time with the company, the number of employees grew significantly from 10 to 275. The same can be said for client partners, which increased from three to 150. In 2012 and 2014, he helped the company earn a #1 ranking in Epic implementation services. Prior to his work at Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden fulfilled his duties as an EpicCare Inpatient and Willow consultant. He also has experience in business development. Madden’s first go at information technology was under the Implementation Consultant at Cerner Corporation.

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