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Securus Technologies Developing High-End Wireless Containment System to Stop the Use of Contraband Phones

The use of contraband phones inside the prison can be dangerous for the inmates and may lead to an extension of criminal activities outside as well. The purpose of contraband phones and the supply of any contraband items in prison is wholly illegal and prohibited, but somehow these things continue to make way into the prison. It has become a significant issue that needs to be dealt with severely. The only way to block the use of contraband phones inside the correctional facility is by developing new age technology that restricts the contraband phones to use the carrier without permission. It is such wireless containment system and technology that is designed by Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of correctional technology.


Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986 and serves nearly 3,450 correctional facilities. More than a million inmates depend upon Securus Technologies to get the communication services to connect them to the outside world. The focus of the company was always to modernize the correctional sphere and provide the inmates with the means to stay connected with the outside world without having to spend an enormous amount of money.


The wireless containment system offered by Securus Technologies is the only contraband interdiction technology available today that is proven to be useful in the correctional facilities currently. The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies has been developed after years of research and has touched each aspect of prison to ensure there are no loopholes. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, said that the technology is highly efficient and has already prevented over 1.7 million illegal communications from the eight correctional facilities where it is tested and installed.


Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer, recently said in an interview that it is imperative that the contraband phones are not allowed inside the prison. If the inmates can get the contraband phones and can use it, the lives of people outside the prison as well as inside the prison, including the officers, is in grave danger. Robert Johnson’s primary job responsibility as a correction officer was to confiscate contraband of any type, mainly the contraband phones.


He currently works with Securus Technologies as a consultant and shares his views, ideas, and concepts on how the wireless containment system can become more potent and full-proof. His inputs have significantly been used in making the wireless containment system as potent it is today. As the federal law doesn’t allow the private networks to jam the signals, the inmates take the advantage by using the contraband cell phones. However, the wireless containment system works as a cover network that controls every call that comes in and goes out of the prison to ensure no illegal communication goes through.