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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Talks About Knees

Robert thought he was taking care of his body. After all, regular exercise is what every health and medical professional says we should do. But as Robert got older, the strain of athletic living began to catch up with him. Regular activities like karate, basketball and softball became arduous. Pain developed in his knees and he couldn’t move like he once could. Robert had to face the facts. He had arthritis.


“The knee pain was tremendous, and you always have that constant ache… that throbbing.” Robert explained that at times the discomfort was so bad he was “popping Advil like M&Ms.”


It was clear that Robert was going to need surgery. He thought he was going to need a total knee replacement. But to his surprise, the doctors advised a new procedure that was minimally invasive: partial knee resurfacing.


Unlike a total knee replacement, partial knee resurfacing only treats the part of the knee that is diseased. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum explained that a knee basically has three parts. If only one part needs treatment, the other two can be left alone in order to help the patient recover more quickly.


He does this by resurfacing the end of the bone. By adding a couple of implants into the knee, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is able to restore the knee to working order without pulling anything out. Healthy bone and ligaments remain unaffected. Essentially nothing is really “replaced” in this procedure. It is only treated. By working the knee this way, doctors can now help overzealous athletes get better faster


Sussex Health Care Audiology & Age Related Hearing Loss

     Sussex Health Care is now providing audiology services to their patients. The audiology services are located at convenient locations, including Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. Sussex Health Care has received a well deserved accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. Sussex Health Care is now providing health care hearing services to patients who are 55 years old or older. They are providing audiology services to all patients who have or who suspect they have age related hearing loss. The services provided consists of full assessment and diagnostics of hearing. If you actually do need hearing services, the Sussex Health Care is able to provide full hearing services to you, including hearing aids and hearing aid fittings.

Sussex Health Care helps their patients to the best of the ability. After receiving hearing services from Sussex Health Care, you won’t have to worry about where you need to go for the up keep of your hearing aid. Sussex Health Care can and will provide additional batteries for your hearing aid when and if it ever becomes exhausted. Sussex Health Care also provides assessments and additional diagnostics for their patients up to three years after you have received your initial care.

All of Sussex Health Care health services are safe and efficient. The facility has different framework and policies in place to insure that the disease levels within the facility are kept low and to ensure that their level of risk management is constantly decreasing. To make sure that their patients receive the best care, all of their technology used stays as modern as possible.

Sussex also gives their patients rigorous and efficient training to make sure that they remain qualified to complete the job that they were assigned to do. In addition, all of Sussex Health Care’s staff members are licensed and have been given proper training to complete the job. Sussex Health Care is very cautious when it comes to keeping their staff up to par. Their mission is to provide their patients with the best health care experiences and they have been doing a great job doing so. Sussex Health Care will continue to keep bettering themselves as a company and as a brand for their patients.

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Wild Ark Is Inviting You To South Africa

Wild Ark’s vision is to protect the worlds wildest places. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, they developed a group to help conserve the places on earth that we are in fear of losing. They work hard to educate the world about the natural places that inhabit this earth so we can save it for future generations to enjoy as well. They work together to secure green locations around the globe and promote its natural habitat. While educating people they create opportunities for people to come close with the animals and life that inhabit these green places. Through education they can promote the desire to maintain it and keep it safe.Learn more :

Wild Ark has created some really great experiences for those of us who want to participate with wildlife ( Right now there is a 28 day experience in Botswana or South Africa. It’s a perfect experience for those who enjoy hiking and observing nature. The majority of the 28 days you will be walking the bush observing the big game in the area with a trusted and responsible guide. It is a truly authentic experience in that you will see and do things that are completely unexpected and exciting. Eco Training, a trail guiding organization, will be guiding the tour and showing you all there is to see in Botswana. During your stay in Botswana, Wild Ark provides two-person tents, four meals a day, and bedding to sleep on.Learn more :

This is the ultimate way to experience the wilderness of Africa without leaving a trace. If you are in dire need of some disconnection from the modern world, what better place to do it than in South Africa? Many people leave from the experience having learned something new, had encounters they will never forget, and leave feeling more connected to the earth than ever before.

Through education of what our world offers we can promise a better future for our children and grandchildren. The more we know, they more they will know as well. Creating a sustainable wilderness is key to improving our planet. You will not regret going on a trip to the African Bush.Learn more :