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Shervin Pishevar: Bearish View on the Economy

Shervin Pishevar is the founder of Investment company. He is a venture capitalist and one of his greatest investments was getting in early on Uber. He resigned from Investment company last December and until recently he has been keeping a low profile and limiting his public exposure. He recently lit twitter up with over fifty tweets spanning in a period of twenty-one hours. His tweets are how he sees things unfolding in the US economy over the next several years and it is a very pessimistic view.

Shervin Pishevar does not paint a rosy picture for the US economy in his recent tweets. He is predicting economic chaos to take hold in the financial markets and the overall global economy. He made a bold prediction stating that he believes the US stock market will fall by six thousand points. He also believes that there will be financial turmoil for the bond markets and the implications will be felt by the entire global economy. He is calling an end to the era of cheap money. He is also foreseeing an acceleration in the inflation rates and employment will worsen over time.

Shervin Pishevar also took the time to tweet about bitcoin and his predictions for the cryptocurrency. He believes that bitcoin is going to crash to $2,500 and then stabilize. Then within twenty-four months, bitcoin should start to slowly rise again and will end up being a good asset class. In the same tweet, he brings up gold and believes gold will regain its luster and advance in this time of economic turmoil.

Shervin Pishevar also pointed out how he believes US supremacy is starting to fall and how countries like China are beginning to surpass the United States, especially when it comes to building infrastructure. He tweeted how China was recently able to build a train station in as little as nine hours. He pointed out how the infrastructure in the US is in horrible shape. He goes on to blame the politicians and the US corporations for their extremely short-term views instead of focusing on long-term growth. He also mentioned how the FANG corporations hold too much power and are impeding the growth potential of many startup companies.